Knowing the Game is a Must before Gambling

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In addition, bookmakers offer many possibilities to inflate your starting odds. Thus, bettors can try to guess which soccer player will score a “double” (2 goals in the same match), or a “hat-trick” (3 goals in the same match).

However, keep in mind that during a soccer game, all 10 field players will have the opportunity to score a goal. Thus, the success resides in the fact of analyzing well the previous performances of the actors of the meeting, but also to benefit from information like:

  • Weather conditions
  • The shape and dynamics of the teams involved
  • The mental form of the players as well as their physical form
  • Attacker statistics (because it is the players who are most likely to score because of their advanced position in the field)
  • The skills and statistics of the opposing defenders

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A Bet Available on Many Disciplines

Even if the bet on scorers in the match is very popular with soccer aficionados, it is nonetheless useful for other sports disciplines. Thus, in ice hockey, bookmakers at rb88thailand will also offer you this type of bet in the same form as in soccer. In basketball, you can designate who will be the best scorer of a match, who will score the greatest number of free throws, or even the one who will be elected MVP (best player) during a match! In the end, all team sports generally allow you to place this type of bet. For example, rugby fans will be able to guess who will score a try or a drop!

Then the fifth advice is going to be to always keep a cool head, okay? You really have to manage your emotions. So, it’s easier said than done. I will not dwell on this in this video; I made other videos that speak about it. But really, you have to know that the good series exist, that the bad series exist, and that here, it is not necessary to party when you have good series, because one day or another you will know a bad series. And it’s the same, when you lose a bet, you must not cry when you lose three bets in a row, here we must not cry, it is useless, the wheel turns. It’s better to be stalemate when you have a bad series, and avoid getting excited about. For example, when you’re going to be in big confidence, when you’re going to chain many winning bets, you may be tempted to increase your bets. And this is the trap; it is that you will believe that.


Finally, you will believe you all powerful, but it is normal reassure you, and you will easily tend to increase your bets. But no, precisely, it is in these moments that you really have to have good management, as much in the good series, as in the bad series, because one as the other can be very dangerous for your finances.